Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eye Brows!

Dear Readers!
Ah I am so sorry that I have no been blogging as much lately! I have gotten a lot of really great suggestions so be expecting some cool posts coming up. I promise I will post more than once a week and give everyone some fun things to look out! So with out further a do...

Today I am going to blog about eyebrows! My friend Gracie told me it would be cool to show how to pluck your eyebrows! I personally just get my eyebrows waxed at a salon, so I don't necessarily know how to pluck eyebrows, BUT here are some good videos on how to! I DO NOT advice you to do this unless you really know what you doing because eyebrows can get screwed up really easily! Here are a few helpful videos and links.

You can also do things to make your eyebrows look thicker.
How to thicken your eyebrows- this link should help you out in thickening your eyebrows.

Although I don't know much about eyebrows. These links really helped me, so they should probably help you! Remember I am always loving suggestion! Thanks for the views!

Much Love,

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear Clean Readers!
This post is about all types of conditioner! So as most of you all know I have SUPER long hair! It was really hard for me to manage and I used to HATE my hair, but I have found some techniques that work super well.
For Hair-
Once a week I will use a deep conditioner for my hair. Honastly, I don't think any of us need to be spending on our money on expensive hair things, so I go the cheap route. I have and use a Pantiene Pro Length Deep Condition! This make my hair feel amazing! It comes in a little tube and I don't have to pay a lot of money for something I love! This isn't just for long hair either! It can help you pretty much just manage your dead ends. Here are a couple links of other great, cheap deep conditioners
My Fav- Pantene Pro Length- around six $
Bioluxe- around 10$
Nexxus- Around 16 $ too expensive for me ;) haha

So these are all products that you wash out! But For leave in conditioners my Go to products are Garnier Fructise! These products are seriously all amazing! I recommend their leave in products to everyone! Here is there homepage! They have great prices too!

So that's about it for hair conditioning. If you have any questions please message me on facebook or comment on this blog. I love feedback! Now here is a little on face conditioning. So, there are a million different types of skin tones. You could oily or dry and before you go out and buy a certain face moisturizer know your type of skin! I reccomend Aveen ProductsNeutrageena Products, and Clique Products. Click products for links. All these are pretty reasonable prices but I splurge on Clinque. I take face stuff pretty seriously because I know everyone hates breakouts. I am not going to reccomend one particular moisturizer because everyone varies! Remember it is important to moisturize your face before bed, in the morning and before makeup!

Hope you feel conditioned :)
Much Love,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To- Makeup

Dear Friends!
Wow I am so sorry I haven't blogged in so long! Thanks to everybody who has told me they like my new "style" of blogging! It means so much! Ok so this post is going to be a quick little "How To" The main purpose of this is to show how you can wear a winged eye liner (click) without making a really dramatic obnoxious makeup statement!
1. The first thing you are going to want to do is put on you eye shadow. For any of you who know that eye shadow doesn't stick on your eyes I would look into a base or primer you put on before using the eye shadow. In my opinion I would use a lighter simple color like silver.
2. Next you want to do a simple winged eye liner. I would use liquid eye liner. A darker color will make your eye pop a little more and brownish color will blend in more. It's really difficult for me to explain how to do a winged liner in writing so here are some youtube videos that I think are most helpful.
These should help.
3. Next do bottom eyeliner. I usually do a heaver bottom liner because my eye shadow is light.
4.Put on mascara!
This is a quick little How To! Hope it helps!
Much Love,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Popping Pimples

Dear Pimple Poppers,
On request of Summer Guppy (Isabel Yoder) I have decided to make this post a how to on "How To Pop Your Pimples" For the most part, you should never pop your pimples. It is just always best not to and I think most of you will agree it usually makes your pimple worse or it will make it red and puffy. Well, I HAVE A SOLUTION. I have used this method and it works perfect for me, but please never pop your pimples unless it is necessary because there is no promises that this will work on your particular skin.
How to pop your Pimple:
1. Soak a hot cotton ball in warm salt water
2. Press this on your pimple for three minutes. (This will make the top of your pimple disappear/dissolve)
3. Place a Q-tip on either side of the pimple.
4. Place the Q-tips together until the pimple is gone (popped)
5. Apply witch hazel immediately. (This is really important and you can get witch hazel for really cheap at a convenient store. ex: CVS)

This was taken from the book Teen Beauty Secrets :)
Don't want to copyrite!

This should make the swelling and redness of a popped pimple go away!

Much Love,

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Jean

Dear Jean Fans,
Ok so I am a huge fan of jeans. I wear them all the time in the fall/winter and they are perfect for most occasions. I am also a big fan of People Style and i have taken 25 new ways to wear your jeans right out of magazine!
Classic- This is for people who wear skinny jeans or straight leg in a medium to dark blue wash. It has a clean cut and no distressed wash or rips. The fit should stop right at your ankle. I usually wear jeans that are straight leg and I will cuff them at the bottom.
New Ways to Wear Them:
1. Add an equestrian vibe- Click for a example
2. Work bold color- Click for a example
3. Mix in feminine pieces-Click for a example
4. Play with patterns- Click for a example
5. Try a toggle coat- Click for an example
Casual- This is a skinny or slouchy pair of jeans. This type of jeans have details that make it look like you have owned them forever. For example, a lighter wash and baggy cuts.
6. Work an anorak- Click for an example
7. Add tailored touches- an example is wearing a belt with your jeans.
8. Stick to an easy vibe- Click for an example
9. Finish with a fun accent- Click for an example
10. Mix up textures- LOVE THIS LOOK! Click for an example
Sexy- This is a curve hugging skinny jean with some stretch to keep your shape. The back parts should always flatter your buttay.
11. Play with shine- Click for an example
12. Go for a trendy mix- Click for an example
13. Pair luxe and black together- Click for an example
14. Think fitted and feminine- Click for an example
15. Add edgy black extras- Click for an example SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!
Polished- This is a clean dark blue or gray wash. It is for any leg shape. Tip: Make sure the rise is not too low. It should have a mid rise.
16. Keep it sleek and tailored- Click for an example
17. Go girly but refined- Click for an example
18. Slip on a slouchy sweater- Click for an example
19. Add a chic cardi- Click for an example (Middle Picture)
20. Top with a drapey jacket- Click for an example
Eclectic- Create a unique look by mixing colors, proportions and moods.
21. Rock denim-on-denim- Click for an example
22. Work tomboy pieces- Click for an example
23. Channel a rocker mood- Click for an example
24. Try glam extras- Click for an example
25. Go boho- Click for an example

THIS TOOK ME SO LONG :)  but I think it will really help for anybody trying to get a certain look with jeans!

From people style watch :) no copy riting!

Much Love,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nail Polish for Fall 2011

Dear Nail Polish Lovers,

So this is a really fun and exciting little post. It is about nail polish! So if your like me, your always wanting to change your nail polish. This post is going to be a little guideline on the newest nail polish. Did you know nail polish can be in style? Here are some good colors for fall and some tips on how to make your polish last longer without getting a manicure.

Fall Colors- This site will give you all the colors for fall. Enjoy!

So now I have some cool things you can do to help your polish stay on.
The main thing you need to do is clean your nails and make sure that there are no oils left over on your hands. Also it is very important to apply a top coat. This will make sure your nail polish lasts it limits. It is important that you also find the right brand of polish. Here are a list of the top Brands.

OPI - This brand is usually what you find in nail salons and it usually lasts a long time! Also this brand has the shatter style which personally, I think is so cute!
Esse- I think this is the best brand out there. The colors are so vibrant and last FOREVER! I have only had really good results with this brand.
Other Name Brand Polishes

Much Love,

Beauty Sleep!

Dear Sleep Deprived Friends,

Today is a random post about how important sleep is! So Ursuline really gives us SO much sleep...Not! Most of us hardly ever get sleep and up to three to four hours every night. A couple interesting things you might want to know is that your body does so much great things while you sleep...cutting sleeping time in half could shorten all those great things!

5 Things to Know about Your Skin when you Sleep- This is going to show you how sleep can help your skin. Did you know that when you sleep your skin cell removal rate is higher?
Did you know that when you sleep your skin is more receptive to active ingredients?
Did you know your skin temperature is higher at night?
Did you know melatonin production increases at night?
Did you know night care products can depend on how your skin looks?
The Link above can help explain how sleep is important to your skin!

Just Random Little Post! Keep Checking...More are Comining :)

Much Love,