Friday, October 21, 2011

Nail Polish for Fall 2011

Dear Nail Polish Lovers,

So this is a really fun and exciting little post. It is about nail polish! So if your like me, your always wanting to change your nail polish. This post is going to be a little guideline on the newest nail polish. Did you know nail polish can be in style? Here are some good colors for fall and some tips on how to make your polish last longer without getting a manicure.

Fall Colors- This site will give you all the colors for fall. Enjoy!

So now I have some cool things you can do to help your polish stay on.
The main thing you need to do is clean your nails and make sure that there are no oils left over on your hands. Also it is very important to apply a top coat. This will make sure your nail polish lasts it limits. It is important that you also find the right brand of polish. Here are a list of the top Brands.

OPI - This brand is usually what you find in nail salons and it usually lasts a long time! Also this brand has the shatter style which personally, I think is so cute!
Esse- I think this is the best brand out there. The colors are so vibrant and last FOREVER! I have only had really good results with this brand.
Other Name Brand Polishes

Much Love,

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