Monday, October 24, 2011

The Jean

Dear Jean Fans,
Ok so I am a huge fan of jeans. I wear them all the time in the fall/winter and they are perfect for most occasions. I am also a big fan of People Style and i have taken 25 new ways to wear your jeans right out of magazine!
Classic- This is for people who wear skinny jeans or straight leg in a medium to dark blue wash. It has a clean cut and no distressed wash or rips. The fit should stop right at your ankle. I usually wear jeans that are straight leg and I will cuff them at the bottom.
New Ways to Wear Them:
1. Add an equestrian vibe- Click for a example
2. Work bold color- Click for a example
3. Mix in feminine pieces-Click for a example
4. Play with patterns- Click for a example
5. Try a toggle coat- Click for an example
Casual- This is a skinny or slouchy pair of jeans. This type of jeans have details that make it look like you have owned them forever. For example, a lighter wash and baggy cuts.
6. Work an anorak- Click for an example
7. Add tailored touches- an example is wearing a belt with your jeans.
8. Stick to an easy vibe- Click for an example
9. Finish with a fun accent- Click for an example
10. Mix up textures- LOVE THIS LOOK! Click for an example
Sexy- This is a curve hugging skinny jean with some stretch to keep your shape. The back parts should always flatter your buttay.
11. Play with shine- Click for an example
12. Go for a trendy mix- Click for an example
13. Pair luxe and black together- Click for an example
14. Think fitted and feminine- Click for an example
15. Add edgy black extras- Click for an example SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!
Polished- This is a clean dark blue or gray wash. It is for any leg shape. Tip: Make sure the rise is not too low. It should have a mid rise.
16. Keep it sleek and tailored- Click for an example
17. Go girly but refined- Click for an example
18. Slip on a slouchy sweater- Click for an example
19. Add a chic cardi- Click for an example (Middle Picture)
20. Top with a drapey jacket- Click for an example
Eclectic- Create a unique look by mixing colors, proportions and moods.
21. Rock denim-on-denim- Click for an example
22. Work tomboy pieces- Click for an example
23. Channel a rocker mood- Click for an example
24. Try glam extras- Click for an example
25. Go boho- Click for an example

THIS TOOK ME SO LONG :)  but I think it will really help for anybody trying to get a certain look with jeans!

From people style watch :) no copy riting!

Much Love,

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