Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Popping Pimples

Dear Pimple Poppers,
On request of Summer Guppy (Isabel Yoder) I have decided to make this post a how to on "How To Pop Your Pimples" For the most part, you should never pop your pimples. It is just always best not to and I think most of you will agree it usually makes your pimple worse or it will make it red and puffy. Well, I HAVE A SOLUTION. I have used this method and it works perfect for me, but please never pop your pimples unless it is necessary because there is no promises that this will work on your particular skin.
How to pop your Pimple:
1. Soak a hot cotton ball in warm salt water
2. Press this on your pimple for three minutes. (This will make the top of your pimple disappear/dissolve)
3. Place a Q-tip on either side of the pimple.
4. Place the Q-tips together until the pimple is gone (popped)
5. Apply witch hazel immediately. (This is really important and you can get witch hazel for really cheap at a convenient store. ex: CVS)

This was taken from the book Teen Beauty Secrets :)
Don't want to copyrite!

This should make the swelling and redness of a popped pimple go away!

Much Love,

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