Friday, October 21, 2011

Beauty Sleep!

Dear Sleep Deprived Friends,

Today is a random post about how important sleep is! So Ursuline really gives us SO much sleep...Not! Most of us hardly ever get sleep and up to three to four hours every night. A couple interesting things you might want to know is that your body does so much great things while you sleep...cutting sleeping time in half could shorten all those great things!

5 Things to Know about Your Skin when you Sleep- This is going to show you how sleep can help your skin. Did you know that when you sleep your skin cell removal rate is higher?
Did you know that when you sleep your skin is more receptive to active ingredients?
Did you know your skin temperature is higher at night?
Did you know melatonin production increases at night?
Did you know night care products can depend on how your skin looks?
The Link above can help explain how sleep is important to your skin!

Just Random Little Post! Keep Checking...More are Comining :)

Much Love,

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